Once Upon A Time…

Once upon a time, there was a desperate Mama who had a stubborn Toddler. The stubborn Toddler refused to eat (anything of nutritional value).

One cold and snowy Chicago day, the desperate Mama decided to muffinize®.* By pouring full-course meals into muffin tins, the Mama created portable, handheld snacks that were fun and delicious to eat. Now, the hungry Toddler was well-fed and content, which made Mama happy.

The clever Mama made many, many muffins for many, many meals. And Toddler and Mama continued to live happily ever after. Now, the thankful Mama wants to share her muffins with the world. And calls on all food lovers to…muffinize®.

Muffinize® <verb>: to cook something, such as broccoli and cheese, in a muffin pan so it can be eaten like a muffin. (I.e., If your kids roll their eyes over the same-old turkey meatloaf, turn the meatloaf into Turkey Meatloaf Muffins).

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